Breakdown: Why 5G cell phone wavelengths could impact forecast data

Breakdown: Why 5G frequency could impact weather data

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Many of us want information and we want it as fast as possible. There is a newer faster phone, but it could cost us some delayed information when it comes to getting the weather forecast.

5G Mobile Network Diagram
5G Mobile Network Diagram

The new 5G Ultra Wideband speed phone is being marketed to those companies that can support the new network. However, NASA has been very vocal about the integration of 5G networks actually interfering with weather data collection that is used in forecasting. This interference could reduce the accuracy of weather forecasting by roughly thirty percent, according to NASA.

This interference could cause residents who live along the U.S. Coastlines, to gain important, potentially life saving hurricane data, slower than today. This would give residents fewer days to prepare when tropical systems track towards the coast. This new 5G data waves could also cause discrepancies on where landfall of hurricanes would be as the data would be interfered with those systems that NOAA currently use. This could cause more damage and the potential for more lives lost.

According to NASA the biggest problem lies with the use of the spectrum in the 24 gigahertz frequency band. The spectrum of the 24 gigahertz is very close to the current band that NASA uses to gather weather data for weather prediction. NASA uses the 23.8 GHz which is than fed to weather model data. The 5G radio carriers use the 24 GHz which is close another to the NASA frequency and could disturb the sensitive sensors on satellites that observe the atmospheric conditions.

Turning down the power of what is put out by the 5G wireless radios could help some but may still result in a reduction of data from satellites according to NASA. The FCC is also planning to promote another frequency that may interfere with another frequency that NASA uses to forecast snow and ice. The FCC and NASA are trying to come up with a solution on this issue.

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