St. Jude music therapist brings song, love to help patients on their journey

St. Jude music therapist brings song, love to help patients on their journey

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Thousands of St. Jude families credit the life-saving work of doctors, nurses and scientists with not only saving their lives, but also supporting them on the road to recovery.

One of the ways kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital get better is by rubbing founder Danny Thomas' nose, for good luck.

There's also another really great therapy program that started nearly 5 years ago, it involves a little Baby Beluga, and a lot of love.

"I do love being a music therapist," Amy Love said.

Amy Love's commitment to the kids at St. Jude comes with a guitar in hand.

As a music therapist, she helps patients cope with disease and treatment, reach emotional goals, and express themselves through the healing power of song.

“So if you think about music. it’s part of lots of normal parts of the day, so there’s no reason there shouldn’t be music at the hospital,” Love said. “I started back in 2014, we started the music therapy program and now we have our own clinical space. We have our own therapy music room, two full time music therapists, and we’re seeing patients on all different services, and really being able to help these kids through their journey.”

A journey they'll never have to walk alone thanks to donor support of programs like music therapy and the love of a therapist named Love.

“Sometimes I think music is kind of magical because you get those moments where you walk into a room and there’s a patient who hasn’t gotten up out of bed that morning, or hasn’t turned the lights on, and they’re so excited to do something fun like music,” she said. “I get to have those moments everyday here with so many patients, it’s amazing.”

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