Indictment reveals heroin conspiracy operated from behind bars

30 people indicted in major drug bust

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A six-month investigation now has 30 people facing serious drug charges.

The indictment not only reveals many of the 30 people accused of trafficking heroin in Memphis and North Mississippi. It also reveals the top suspected traffickers, including one accused of running the operation from behind bars.

"What we're targeting in this case and what we target with all high-level drug prosecutions that we handle are those that are selling, dealing and dealing deadly substances in our community,” said Amy Weirich, Shelby County District Attorney.

A Shelby County grand jury indicted 30 people accused of being mid and high-level dealers of heroin and fentanyl in Memphis and North Mississippi.

The indictment lists three people who are suspected of primarily operating a conspiracy to traffic more than 150 grams of heroin. Decarlos Rodgers has a $1.4 million bond, Darius Chalmers has a $1.2 million bond and Louis Taylor has no bond since he was already behind bars, where he directed the distribution of heroin.

The indictments come after a six-month investigation that began in December, initiated by the Memphis Police Organized Crime Unit.

Investigators are revealing very little about how the supply chain worked and who supplied the drugs.

"The facts will come out. The information will come out in court in due course, but we can't talk about that right now,” said Weirich.

The indictment reveals a bit about the drug operation, accusing Jameisha Watson of providing rental cars to Darius Watson to assist in the distribution of the heroin.

There is also one unnamed person who is accused of laundering the drug money.

Weirich says a lot of dedicated people are working to stop the drugs.

"We've got a law enforcement community who is going to work around the clock to make sure we find you, that we charge you and we bring you to justice,” said Weirich.

Only about half of the 30 people named in the indictment have been arrested. They could face 15 to 25 years without parole, if convicted.

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