‘In the nick of time’: Grandparents, grandchildren saved by good Samaritans after truck crashes into Utah river

LOGAN, Utah (KSTU/CNN) - Thanks to a group of six men who rushed to help, four members of a Utah family are still alive after their truck rolled into a river and flipped upside down.

Trooper Kent Goodrich with Utah Highway Patrol says the driver of the pickup truck, whose wife and two grandchildren were with him, was coming around a corner Thursday evening when the tires slipped on oil.

“It was just the snap of a finger, and they were spinning,” Goodrich said.

The truck turned a full 180 degrees before landing in the river. The momentum flipped it upside down.

A group of six men who witnessed the crash jumped into the river, cut the family loose from their seat belts and pulled them to safety.

Every second counted, Goodrich says.

“When he found the granddaughter, her head was just barely above the water,” Goodrich said. “It was all she could do to keep breathing, and he was there in the nick of time.”

The driver was rushed to the hospital, but thanks to the good Samaritans, the entire family is still alive.

“I truly believe that these people saved this family’s lives because of their quick thinking, their quick acting,” Goodrich said. “Their decision to get involved, it made the difference.”

Investigation revealed the roads in the area had recently been repaved, and on the night of the accident, rain caused oil to rise to the surface.

The driver was going below the speed limit at the time of the crash.

Police estimate the spot in the river where the truck landed was between 4 and 5 feet deep. It was moving about 7,000 gallons of water per second, making a dangerous current to work in.

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