Sea World employees free sea lion pup from plastic trash

SAN DIEGO (KGTV/CNN) - Sea World employees are celebrating after freeing a sea lion pup from plastic ribbon wrapped around its neck on Saturday.

Brooke Hubbard's and her supervisor were monitoring the sea lion pup for days on Boomer’s Beach, and Saturday was their chance to act.

“When there is lining around its neck it can constrict it's airways and it's esophagus making it so they can't breathe or eat over time,” Hubbard said.

Using her tools from her toolbox, tense moments lead to freedom as the duo gently cut the young sea lion out of the plastic.

“That's the best feeling in the world, especially since we didn't have to bring it back here and rehabilitate it,” Hubbard said.

However, this incident was 100 percent preventable – if people were more mindful of their garbage.

“Please don't litter at the beach. Be able to pick up your trash wherever you go, this looks like packing or shipping ribbon that was stuck on the animal,” Hubbard said.

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