Man says police dumped his grandmother’s ashes on ground during arrest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF/CNN) – A man is searching for a way to move forward after he said a Kansas City Police officer dumped out all he had left of his grandmother.

Deonta Words is now asking questions after he said the officer dumped his grandmother’s ashes in the dirt during an arrest.

“I’m trying to figure out why was it dumped on the ground and scooped back up,” Words said.

Her ashes were kept close to his heart, in a necklace he wears every day.

Words said what’s left of his grandmother is now mixed with grass and dirt.

He said the officer didn’t know what was in his necklace, but he wishes he would have asked.

“He never asked me what was in it, what was it,” Words said. “He just went ahead and dumped it on the ground.”

Words said he was walking to a friend’s place when police took him into custody on an outstanding warrant for a charge of resisting arrest.

Words said he understands the arrest, but what he can’t wrap his head around is his grandmother’s ashes being dumped on the ground.

He said it brings back the pain he felt about a year ago when she passed away.

“That was the last of what I had of her,” Words said. “This is my grandmother. She raised me all my life.”

Words said she was like a mother to him.

“I can’t get her back. I can’t get her ashes back,” he said. “I’m going to forever think about this.”

The Kansas City Police Department has not commented on the incident.

Detectives, however, did say they’ve seen an increase in people wearing jewelry that conceals illegal items over the last decade.

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