Residents still tackling flood damage

Residents still tackling flood damage

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Cleanup from last week’s flash flooding continues from Germantown to Olive Branch, where the flood waters forced some city officials out of their offices.

While flooded out vehicle owners and homeowners have some cleaning up to do, the city has a big job of its own to tackle.

Six inches of water from a nearby creek inundated the city of Olive Branch's public works building early Friday morning.

“Our facility was underwater,” said Cole Fesmire, Olive Branch director of public works.

That's why Fesmire had to move his office staff to city hall and transfer the phone lines.

The cleanup process remained underway Wednesday, with no estimate on the cost yet.

In addition to their own building being flooded, Fesmire says crews had to survey damage and check drainage ditches.

“We've been out looking at all the drainage issues and so far, there haven't been any blockages or anything. It's just been the amount of water the rain we got at one time,” said Fesmire.

Desoto County Emergency Management officials say three dozen homes took on water. They classified most of the flooding as minor.

“This was scary,” said Sylvia Davis, resident.

Sylvia Davis and her husband, Dennis, were trying to dry out their belongings at a house on Lancaster Drive.

The couple retired and moved to the area nine months ago, living with their daughter until their new home is complete.

Unfortunately, they were storing some items in the garage.

“Most of our new stuff got wet,” said Dennis Davis.

He said a foot of water got into his daughter's house from a nearby creek and ruined five cars parked outside.

He hopes his camper was spared but isn't sure yet.

“The water was so high in the rear of the camper,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fesmire said the flood may spark action from the city.

A potential re-classification of parts of town that got far too wet.

“We will be looking at the areas that were flooded and updating our flood zones,” said Fesmire.

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