Germantown aldermen approve disaster declaration over flooding

Funding for Germantown flood recovery

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. (WMC) - Moisture is still an issue in the Frost family’s Germantown home.

It's been a week since several feet of water flooded the home, causing every room inside to be gutted.

“The refrigerator in our kitchen was actually floating,” said Elise Frost.

It's going to take almost two months for their home to be livable again.

Like most of the Germantown flood victims, Elise and Jim Frost have no flood insurance.

The Germantown Board of Alderman approved a disaster declaration after last week’s flooding.

The board approved $250,000 to be moved from an emergency fund to help homeowners affected by flooding after more than 100 homes were flooded.

“It’s not going to cover everything, but it will at least get the ball rolling,” said Patrick Lawson, Germantown city administrator.

The declaration must now be made at county, state and federal levels for homeowners to get federal assistance.

The city will give the $250,000 to the Kiwannis Club, which has been picked as the local nonprofit to distribute the funds.

Alderman Dean Massey urged the board to consider giving more.

“If the board wanted to today, could they increase this amount to $500,000? What would the recommendation be from the city administration,” said Massey.

Mayor Mike Palazzolo estimated the total cost of damage to the city’s uninsured residents at $7 million.

Flood victims also addressed Palazzolo and the Board of Alderman Monday night about drainage issues in the city.

Some have blamed the city’s outdated infrastructure for the extent of the damage.

The city is accepting donations at IBERIABANK locations. Those will be collected through July 15.

If you are interested in volunteering to support those affected by the flooding, join the Germantown HELPS Facebook group.

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