Father of arson suspect says son didn’t know what he was doing

Man charged in more than a dozen arsons

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A man now faces charges after police say he set fire to more than a dozen homes in one Memphis neighborhood.

“We got up walked over here to the house. We noticed that the house was on fire. Immediately we called 911," said Andrew Profit, neighbor.

Andrew Profit may have been the last person to see the arson suspect who had been preying on Frayser neighborhoods in a four-block radius, in a string of more than a dozen fires set in abandoned houses.

That 911 call led to the capture of 27-year-old Dvon Robertson.

On June 10, a vacant home went up in flames on Frayser Circle.

Investigators say it was started with an accelerant.

Robertson had been seen with containers walking down the street.

Witnesses identified Robertson, known as Von, leaving many of the abandoned houses that were set on fire. Neighbors were terrified.

On Benjestown, three houses were set on fire. Three houses were also set on fire on Sunrise. On Sinclair, three houses. Two on Frayser Circle and one on Frayser Drive.

The suspect lived near the area with his father, Claude Holiday.

When asked if he knew why his son was setting houses on fire, Holiday said, "Uh Uh, he didn’t know himself.”

Holiday said his son takes medication for mental issues and is on disability.

“Hurt my feelings. I’m hurting bad," said Holiday.

Neighbors are glad that the suspect was caught.

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