Bookstore employees on edge after armed robberies

Bookstore employees on edge after armed robberies

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Employees at Textbook Brokers are on edge after robberies at both Memphis locations.

“It’s dangerous. I mean anytime a gun is there, it’s dangerous. We just want to get them caught. Get them off the street," Robert Meyers said.

Meyers works at Textbook Brokers, a bookstore on Walker Avenue near the University of Memphis.

The store’s surveillance cameras captured two guys walking up to the store Tuesday morning when it opened.

“I think they knew. They knew when we’d be open," Meyers said.

The cameras caught the suspects as one of them walked around the counter and pointed a gun at a store employee.

They took cash, a University of Memphis hoodie and put the store phones in a sink.

Last week, the Textbook Brokers location on Sycamore View, across from a Southwest Campus, was robbed.

“I was up by the front counter when they came in and put a gun in my face. They told me to lay down on the ground and told the same thing to my co-workers," Brian Srite said.

Police say the crooks grabbed a backpack from the store and stuffed it with money from the store safe.

When they left, they made all of the employees lie on the floor and told the workers to wait 10 minutes before calling police.

“I just hope they know that kind of thing scares people. People have families to go home to. No one wants to be scared like that.” Srite said.

Police are looking into whether the two robberies are connected.

If you know any information, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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