'901 Interns’ help out across the city

400 interns volunteer across Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Interns from some of Memphis’ top companies spent time helping out across the city Friday.

It was quick work, but not the work those young people are used to doing day in and day out.

Instead of pitching ideas in the board room, they packed up necessities for the troops and the hungry.

About 400 interns from FedEx, AutoZone, International Paper and First Tennessee Bank were at 10 locations across the city Friday for “901ntern Day.”

At the University of Memphis’ Rose Theater, interns put together toiletry packs for the USO.

Nearby at the University Center, they packed up food for the Mid-South Food Bank.

“I always loved packing food boxes and giving back and making sure everyone is fed. That's so important and something we take for granted,” said Sara Boscarino, International Paper intern.

It was all done, side by side, with their counterpart from a different company.

“That was the goal, to have everyone mixed up. I can meet someone from First Tennessee or AutoZone today and make a connection,” said Elizabeth Wisdom, FedEx intern.

“We got to intermingle and kind of compare different things we're doing, different projects we're working on. It's cool to see different sides and how everyone kind of does things differently, but we all have the same goals,” said Boscarino.

While the networking can help the interns later in their careers, the company execs say the volunteerism can help too.

“This is the next generation and current generation of employees, it’s what our AutoZoners want to see. They want to be engaged they want to be giving back,” said David McKinney, AutoZone.

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