JSU graduate student creates lead-filtering drinking straw

JSU graduate student creates lead-filtering drinking straw
JSU graduate student creates lead-filtering drinking straw

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - LaMonté Pierce, a graduate student at Jackson State University, created a straw to combat the city’s problems with boil water notices.

Pierce said he’s been working on his ‘Cleanstraww’ invention for a couple of years but recently received a patent for it.

Using FDA approved materials, Pierce was able to create the model of the straw using a 3-D printer.

Pierce says the filter inside of each Cleanstraww can remove lead and other contaminants for up to 20 gallons of liquid.

“I figured, if people could afford to buy [well-filtered water] themselves, then they probably would. Rather than waiting on a water treatment situation to go through or some bill to pass, I never understood why people have not tried to make this situation more serious,” said Pierce.

Pierce said that major companies like Walmart have already shown interest in selling the product in stores. With some additional testing, he hopes to have this straw on sale in the coming year. His goal is to make Cleanstraww available for everyone.

."..basically compete to the point where people can have that alternative to say ‘do I want to buy all of this water, waste all of this plastic’. And then, on top of that, the water is not even really filtered. It’s just being labeled as filtered or spring water. But in actuality, it’s simple tap water. So, here you have the opportunity to buy something that can filter your water. Not only reduce particles, but also reduce lead, " said Pierce.

As of now, Pierce said he is still putting Cleanstraww through other tests as he seeks out other investors. His business partner has also taken the straw to Flint, Michigan to see how it stands against their ongoing water crisis.

For more information visit www.Cleanstraww.com

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