New Daisy owner out on bond after being accused of writing bad checks

New Daisy Daisy owner out on bond after being accused of writing bad checks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Months of problems at the New Daisy on Beale Street have made their way to 201 Poplar.

Steven Adelman, a part owner of the venue, is charged with theft of property.

Promoters Bowe O’Brien and Mike Glenn say that when they booked a show at the New Daisy, Adelman was supposed to sell the tickets, keep his portion of the revenue to cover the rental of the venue, then forward promoters their cut.

A police report indicates Adelman wrote a post-dated $19,000 check that was returned for insufficient funds.

The report says the promoters tried to get the money through voicemails and letters to no avail. The incident was first reported in February.

“When you’re in the nightclub business – it happens,” one of the promoters Mike Glenn said in a 2012 interview.

Glenn managed the New Daisy for decades and has a brass note in front of its doors.

He declined to comment on the case or Adelman – saying the matter should go through the courts.

The arrest caps months of questions over the status of the historic theater, which is currently closed.

WMC has reported on cancellations of shows dating back to November 2018 along with nearly a dozen fire code violations on the property.

The Downtown Memphis Commission says the work to install a new fire alarm and sprinkler system is complete other than final hookups.

Adelman is currently out on bond.

WMC Action News 5 has reached out to Adelman and JW Gibson, the other owner of the New Daisy, but have not heard back.

Adelman is due back in court on July 16.

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