Facebook deal ends in man being robbed

Facebook deal ends in man being robbed
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A Jonesboro man thought he was going to buy a MacBook Pro for just $200. Instead, he told police he was robbed.

The 29-year-old victim told police he went to the 2400-block of East Nettleton around 6 p.m. to purchase the computer.

The man said he had agreed to purchase the laptop from a man he met on Facebook.

The victim said he was holding two $100 bills in his hand when he asked to see the computer.

Instead of producing the laptop, the initial incident report said the suspect snatched the money from the victim and ran away.

A witness told police he knew the named suspect only as “Dee.”

To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of such a crime, the city implemented “swap spots” at various locations around town, including in the parking lot of the police station.

As we reported in January, the five spots are available 24/7 with surveillance video to provide a sense of security and safety to people who might need to meet someone they don't know.

At that time, Chief Rick Elliott warned: “If somebody wants to meet you in a less desirable place or a place that is not well-lit, well-populated by the public, those are signals that something may be wrong.”

Swap Spots located around Jonesboro:

  • Jonesboro Police Dept., 1001 S. Caraway Road
  • Justice Complex, 410 W. Washington Ave.
  • Jonesboro Fire Dept. Station #1, 3215 E. Johnson
  • Jonesboro Fire Dept. Station #2, 1413 W. Nettleton Avenue
  • Jonesboro Fire Dept. Station #3, 2212 Brazos

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