Penny wants Ja Morant on board 1Cent brand

Penny wants Ja Morant on board 1Cent brand
Ja Morant was selected 2nd overall with the Memphis Grizzlies.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Lots of decisions await the newest Memphis Grizzlies future star Ja Morant. And few of them have to do with actually playing basketball.

The South Carolina Native, who was the second overall pick in the NBA Draft, has got to pick a place to live here in the Bluff City and a host of other things associated with a move and an improved station in life.

What does have to do with hoops is what sneakers he’ll wear when he plays. Morant already has signed a deal with Nike.

Somebody who knows the value of what shoe deals are all about is University of Memphis Head Men’s Basketball Coach Penny Hardaway. A former Tiger All-American and NBA All-Pro, Penny’s 1cent Foamposits are still among the best selling shoe in the Nike universe.

He said he wishes he could get Morant to join his brand.

“I would love to do that and I’ve spoken to them (Nike) about that in the past," Hardaway said. “Might need to just run that past them again. Just having him here, understanding his story, xoming out of nowhere to get to where he is now--he’s in the right city.”

Morant will continue working out in Memphis, but won’t play in summer league next month while rehabbing a knee scope three weeks ago. He’s expected to be fully ready to go for training camp in late September.

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