Neighbors upset over deserted plumbing work

Neighbors upset over deserted plumbing work

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Berclair residents are infuriated after plumbing crews abandoned a project months ago, leaving behind a hole that’s causing issues.

Residents in the neighborhood say they're sick of it, and they think it's a safety hazard.

"We walk out here every day and we see this and I don't like it, and I know none of my neighbors like it,” said Debbie Underhill, resident.

What Debbie Underhill wakes up to each morning is a massive hole in her neighbor’s yard.

She said it was dug by plumbing crews months ago, then left to grow bigger and attract more insects.

"This heat's got mosquitoes, I mean there's... looking at it now, there's two to three inches of water and then it's going to rain again this week. That gully goes all the way back to the back,” said Suzanne Burgess, Neighborhood Watch Association.

According to Shelby County property records, the home is owned by a company called R & R Trust #1, out of Canada.

The permit for this plumbing project was pulled in April by a company called Nine Lives Plumbing, out of Byhalia, Mississippi.

The owner of Nine Lives Plumbing says his team started work on the project after someone poured cement into a sewage line. He admits his team stopped work on the project when they got busy with other projects at other locations. He said he would like to finish the work by next week, if the weather permits. However, his team is waiting on Code Enforcement to inspect the line before moving forward.

"It's terrible, it's an eyesore, it goes in our yard,” said Underhill.

Neighbors say the home has been empty for the past six months, after the last renters moved out.

We left a message for the Canadian company that owns the property.

Berclair residents want a solution sooner rather than later.

"I’d like to see them tote the line and do what they’re supposed to do and clean up this property and rent it to a nice family,” said Burgess.

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