Supreme Court blocks citizenship question from 2020 U.S. census

Supreme Court blocks citizenship question

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Supreme Court ruled to block a citizenship question from being added to the 2020 census Thursday.

It’s a ruling that's being considered a major setback for the Trump administration.

The last time Americans saw this question on a census was 1950.

Now the high court's decision could have big political consequences.

It came down to a 5 to 4 majority decision by the Supreme Court justices on the final day of their term.

The ruling denied approval of adding the question, "Is this person a citizen of the United States?" to the 2020 census.

Chief Justice John Roberts' ruling questioned the rationale for the administration's request to add the question.

“The Trump Administration has to come up with a better explanation of why they want to do this and it can’t just be we don’t want to count those folks because that helps the Democrats,” said Michael Nelson, WMC political analyst.

WMC Political Analyst Michael Nelson said Thursday's ruling was a move that could have impacted the balance of power in states and the House of Representatives.

“Districts, especially in places like Texas and California, that have a whole lot of non-citizens would have few representatives and that might be of detriment to the democrats. especially in California,” said Nelson.

But the Trump administration said the citizenship question was a necessary addition to better comply with federal voting rights law.

“People are probably wondering who much should I share, should I participate,” said Mauricio Calvo, Latino Memphis.

Mauricio Calvo is the executive director of Latino Memphis.

Though he’s happy about the Supreme Court ruling, Calvo saw this as a step back for their overall efforts.

He said it could be a possible contributor to a decline in response rates and under-representation of minorities come 2020.

The ruling left the option open for the Trump administration to try to add the citizenship question again using a different justification.

Though there is concern if it will make it in time for the 2020 census.

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