Southaven teen discusses robbery attempt that led to officer-involved shooting

Shots fired at Southaven teenager trying to buy phone

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. (WMC) - A Southaven teen found herself in the crosshairs of a chain of events that led Southaven Police to open fire on robbery suspects at a gas station.

“They came over here and I went to the car. That’s when they held it to my face. They held the gun to my face," said Kaylen Williams, victim.

The 16-year-old just wanted to buy a cell phone, so she used the “letgo” app and arranged to meet the seller at her home in Southaven.

Williams said four men showed up and parked in front of her house, then one man got out.

“They said, ‘give me all your stuff.’ That’s when I started running. As soon as I started running, that’s when they started shooting and I fell," said Williams.

Williams injured her hands in the fall. She ran into a side door, frightened for herself and her three-month-old son inside the house with her mother sister and stepfather.

“It makes me angry cause they put not only me, like I could have died and he wouldn’t have a mom," said Williams.

She said all they would have gotten from her is a little over $100 that she had to pay for the phone.

Southaven police charged 19-year-old Michael Jones from Memphis in the case.

He is also charged in Thursday night’s incident at the Raceway gas station on Stateline Road.

Also charged in the Stateline case is 18-year-old Danitirius Freeman, 17-year-old Mikkos Mcintosh and 17-year-old Antavious Whitelo. They are all from Memphis.

Police set up a sting Wednesday night at Raceway with Jones suspected of trying to rob Williams.

Southaven police say four men showed up and they rammed two police cars. One of the men pulled a gun. An officer then shot one of the men in the arm and all four suspects were arrested.

The two 17-year-old’s have been charged as adults.

Michael Jones will likely face another charge, according to police. However, investigators have not disclosed what that charge would be.

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