Complete stranger to help Mid-South veteran see long lost love again

Veteran to reunite with long lost love

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - After a Mid-South WWII veteran reunited with his love interest from 75 years ago in France, the pair might be getting another chance to see each other again.

Army Veteran K.T. Robbins has some new photos framed on his mantle since we spoke to him in June. The photos show the touching moments of love, shared around the world by French TV, between Robbins and Jeannine Ganaye. Turns out, they never forgot each other.

"The feeling was great. To know that she loved me just like I loved her, yeah,” said Robbins.

After their reunion, Robbins didn’t know if he would ever see Ganaye again. Now, he’s got something special to look forward to.

"Yes! I’m excited! I really can’t wait for it,” said Robins.

That excitement is all thanks to one man named Manny Cordova.

"It’s a beautiful story and if you have the means to help someone, why not,” said Cordova.

Manny Cordova lives in Las Vegas, training dogs for law enforcement and bomb detection and is a complete stranger to KT Robbins. When Cordova read about Robbins' love story, he was reminded of his father who served in WWII.

"It struck a personal cord,” said Cordova.

He called Forever Young Veterans, the non-profit who helped Robbins meet Ganaye. Through the group, Cordova is paying for a round-trip flight for Ganaye to visit Robbins in his Olive Branch home.

"Aside from just doing the right thing, you know I think it's, in a way, my way of saying thank you,” said Cordova.

"I want to tell him how much I appreciated him doing that for us. It's been great man. Anybody who would do that for somebody like that. That's terrific,” said Robbins.

All Cordova wants in return is to be there when the two lovers meet again and spend some time with them.

"I'd like to witness something like that. I mean the history of the two coming together would just be amazing,” said Cordova.

The details are still being worked out. While Robbins will be celebrating his 98th birthday on July 4, what he's really looking forward to is more kisses from Jeannine on American soil.

"I just want to see her and be with her so we can reminisce about the days that we were together,” said Robbins.

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