Floodwaters devastate farmlands in Lauderdale County

Farmlands flooded in Lauderdale County

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Tenn. (WMC) - Farmers in West Tennessee are dealing with devastating flooding along the Mississippi River.

Floodwaters have swept across roads and turned at least 175,000 acres of cotton and soybean fields into lakes.

U.S. Congressman David Kustoff toured the area with Lauderdale County Mayor Maurice Gaines and Tennessee State Senator Ed Jackson Tuesday.

Lauderdale County flooding (Source: WMC)
Lauderdale County flooding (Source: WMC)

"When you look at what's happened here in Lauderdale County in West Tennessee, and in the Midwest, this is a bipartisan issue. This is something that Republicans and Democrats should all be focused on," said Kustoff.

Kustoff and the other leaders said they would work together to try to help the farmers get some assistance.

"Farming and agriculture is the number one industry in Lauderdale County, and we're going to lose a major portion of that due to these floodings," said Gaines.

The flooding hit at the worst time, late in the season, leaving farmers no time to replant crops they lose.

Lauderdale County flooding (Source: WMC)
Lauderdale County flooding (Source: WMC)

"They're resilient and they're smart and they prepare for a lot of things. But some things you can't prepare for and this is one that they didn't expect," said Jackson.

The Mississippi River, which is seven feet above flood stage, is expected to crest early Wednesday morning.

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