Young girl manages to escape an attempted kidnapping

Young girl manages to escape an attempted kidnapping

SARDIS, Miss. (WMC) - A young girl was able to escape a kidnapping attempt at a popular campground.

“My 4-year-old, all she would say is, ‘he almost got me. He almost got me,' and my other two girls told me the same thing, he almost grabbed me,” said Hannah Hendrix.

The girls were with their 10-year-old step-sister when they were approached by the man.

“I grabbed my little sister and pulled her close to me,” said Hendrix.

Families said before this, there hadn’t been any problems at the Oak Grove Campground in Sardis.

"We’d been watching them all day long go to the bathroom, play at the playground. Other little kids were there. Nothing happened,” said Brady Denton.

That last bathroom visit was around midnight, but the bathroom was only a few yards away from the parents.

Witnesses told Panola County Sheriff’s investigators the man had a flashlight.

They also say he ran off when the girls started screaming. Parents like Hannah Hendrix say they are proud of their children because they did what they have been taught to do.

“We’ve always taught them if any stranger tries to talk to them or they feel like they are in harm’s way run, run,” said Hendrix.

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