Keeping pets calm during fireworks

Ways to keep pets calm during fireworks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Many of us have known a dog who does not take well to fireworks. It’s common that fear can make our pets run away, but Memphis Animals Services says it doesn’t see a large influx of lost animals coming to them the day after fireworks.

The organization said neighbors are stepping up because people can easily get the word out.

“Immediately begin reaching out on social media,” MAS Executive Director Alexis Pugh said. “We're lucky in today's time we have things like Nextdoor and things like Lost and Found Pets of the Mid-South on Facebook.”

Our pets become family, so when fireworks go off, we want to make sure our dogs and cats get through the evening safely and are home when it all ends.

It's common for fireworks and other loud noises like thunder to spook our pets.

“Your dog is going to show you that,” Pugh said. “They can't speak words, but they'll show it with their body language.”

If a pet is uncomfortable or even scared, you may see them shiver, excessively pant and yawn and trying to hide.

“If your dog is hiding, let them hide,” Pugh said. “As long as they’re in a safe, secure environment leave him alone, let him hide under the bed or behind the couch or in his crate and let him have that quiet time.”

Pugh recommends turning on white noise like music that could mask the sound of fireworks. Don't force your pet to be part of an outdoor BBQ or fireworks show because that could increase the pet’s chances of running away.

Pugh said the best chance of being able to recover your pet if it does run away is preventive measures like having it microchipped or keeping a collar with your contact info on it.

With a shelter at capacity, Pugh said room made for a lost dog with a loving home puts another dog trying to find a forever home at risk.

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