Mid-South fireworks shows should bring fun, precautions

Mid-South fireworks shows should bring fun, precautions

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Fourth of July in the Mid-South is a time where many gather with family and friends to celebrate and watch fireworks.

While many places across the Mid-South allow people to light their own fireworks, emergency officials want you and your family to sit back and watch the permitted, large fireworks shows for the whole community.

Festivities start Thursday morning. A parade kicks off in Central Gardens at 10 a.m.

Fireworks displays will start later in the evening. At 6 p.m., the Memphis celebrations will start on Mud Island with fireworks around 9:15.

Events in Germantown also start at 6 p.m. At Graceland, Fourth of July celebrations start at 7 p.m.

Both Olive Branch and Southaven have fireworks shows starting at 9:15.

Some communities hosted their celebrations a day early, like Bartlett.

Keep pets away from fireworks

But while many of us love fireworks...some pets are not as fond.

The loud noises can spook the animals and cause them to run away. But Memphis Animal Services has some tips to keep them safe.

The best preventative measures are to have your pet microchipped and have a collar with your contact information.

Look for signs that your pet is scared, like shivering, excessive yawning, panting and hiding.

"If your dog is hiding, let him hide," Memphis Animal Services Executive Director Alexis Pugh said. "As long as he's in a safe and secure environment, let your dog stay where he is. Leave him alone. Let him hide under the couch or in his crate. Let him have that quiet time.

MAS asks you not to bring dogs to public fireworks shows.

They said they don’t usually get a lot of stray dogs at the shelter on July 5. Neighbors are usually on the lookout for lost dogs if the owner is quick to get the word out.

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