Volunteers spend 4th of July assisting Germantown flood victims

Cleanup continues after flash flooding

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - There was no Independence Day holiday Thursday for dedicated volunteers in Germantown, who are still on the job assisting their neighbors after devastating flash flooding nearly a month ago.

“Need takes no days off,” said John Ueleke, with Germantown United Methodist Church.

Ueleke and his crew sweated it out Thursday to get Ebenezer Nyenwe’s family back into their home. Ueleke said his group of volunteers have built dozens of homes for Habitat for Humanity and quickly stepped in to offer a hand in their own backyard. They’d just finished work on another flood victim’s home before moving to the Nyenwe family’s.

“We have a great legacy of being able to share our skills and come out and help people,” he said.

“We are asking volunteers to come in and help,” Garner said, “Replace sheet rock, insulation, and get people back into their homes.”

Garner’s page coordinated emergency relief at first but now she said she’s enlisted the help of churches and faith-based organizations to partner with some of the hardest hit victims to rebuild and offer support.

She’s still looking for other groups to answer the call.

“They need mentoring. Emotional support is a big thing right now for these families. They have really been through a trauma being displaced and losing everything,” she said.

Ebenezer Nyenwe and his family are living upstairs while the work is underway. But they will soon be moving to an apartment as their home is completed in the coming months.

He said he’s thankful for the Mid-South, a part of the country known for its generosity.

“We’ve received so much love, colleagues at work and in this community. We’ve learned a lot from this, a lot of good things coming out even though it was painful. But we’ve learned there’s a lot of good people, a lot of comforting things,” he said.

You can get more information about Germantown Helps, the volunteer coordination group by clicking here.

Germantown Gives is the financial donation effort, through the Germantown Kiwanis club. You can make a donation at any Iberia Bank.

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