MLGW destroys newly-paved road at city’s request

MLGW Tears up road minutes after repaving

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Residents in the Cooper-Young neighborhood are scratching their heads over a newly paved city street that was almost immediately torn up by Memphis Light Gas and Water.

This all stems from work being done on Philadelphia Street.

Since May 31, it had been a construction zone. It was all a part of work being done for a federally mandated maintenance project of the city’s more than 100-year-old sewer system.

The project is called “SARP,” or Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program. The city is going from street to street within city limits to make necessary repairs.

Jerry Wafford lives on Philadelphia Street. After weeks of work, he woke up to a newly paved road. The work on his street was finally complete.

“I was thrilled. I was tired of hearing the concrete trucks and the gravel trucks and the skid loaders,” said Wafford.

Wafford says just minutes after contract workers hired by the city finished the project and put down the brand new asphalt pavement, MLGW came and put a giant hole in the middle of it.

MLGW issued this statement in response.

“We are working in conjunction with the sewer department at this location to relocate a water main so that the sewer department (their contractor Magnolia Underground) can complete their work. Our work is at the request of the city.”

However, Wafford wonders why the city didn’t wait to pave the road until MLGW finished their work.

“There should have been a lot more coordinating and MLGW should have been out here 2 weeks ago,” said Wafford.

He says that lack of coordination is a waste of tax payers dollars.

City officials initially said it appears there was some sort of confusion between the two departments, but would take a closer look at what happened and provide more information at a later time.

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