12-year-old charged after shooting teen

Memphis teen shot by child

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A 12-year-old faces charges after shooting a teen Wednesday night.

The shooting happened on Frayser View Drive around 9 p.m.

Police said the 15-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after being shot.

Investigators said the two were inside a vehicle “handling” a firearm when the teen was shot.

A single shot struck the 15-year-old boy underneath his right arm.

Investigators say the only witnesses to the shooting were the kids in the car.

Neighbors told police they only heard the commotion before the teen was found lying on the ground outside the car.

The young suspect was taken to juvenile court and charged with reckless endangerment.

This marks the second shooting in the past month involving a juvenile in possession of a gun in Frayser.

Frayser's top cop cannot stress enough the importance of keeping guns secure and away from children.

“And unfortunately for us, we’re right here again. A youth that someway, somehow got his hands on a gun and we have another tragic situation,” said Col. Gregory Sanders, Old Allen precinct.

It's a scene Colonel Gregory Sanders of the Old Allen precinct says his officers have unfortunately already responded to this summer.

“They are inquisitive. They are inquisitive and they see guns and they their hands on one with them not knowing how to handle guns, not knowing how dangerous they are. and with that we see tragedies like we did last night,” said Sanders.

In June, 4-year-old Ayden Robinson was shot and killed by his brother at the Pershing Park Apartments.

The gun was left in a dresser according to police.

That shooting was less than two miles from Wednesday night's crime scene.

“When we talk about guns, and having a gun in your home, it is critically important to secure those guns. We do not want to see this time and time again, them used or anyone hurt with guns,” said Sanders.

Gun locks are free at all police stations in Memphis.

But there are still questions unanswered for investigators: how the kids got a hold of the gun... and who owns the weapon.

We are told investigators continued to question the kids in the car last and the adults living at the home.

It is unclear if others will be charged.

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