Free sandbags available in Crittenden County as remnants of Barry fall across the Mid-South

Mid-Southerners sandbag in case of flooding from Barry's remnants

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - One by one sandbags were being filled and tied up in Crittenden County, Arkansas Monday.

"We’ve gotten rid of over 500 bags, 600 bags. So it’s been several,” said Crittenden County road supervisor John Lewis.

Residents like Richie Masters are using the sandbags as a precautionary measure in case the rain picks up.

"Just trying to keep the water, of course, out of the house in any shape, form or fashion,” said Masters.

Masters lives on Woodland Trails in Proctor. That street is known for flooding when heavy rain hits. In the four years he’s lived there he’s seen a few close calls.

“A lot of rain, we’ll see flooding in the ditches. Maybe a little up in the yards, so I have had it up to the house,” said Masters.

Free sandbags are available at the Crittenden County Road Department along Highway 64. Lewis says they don’t usually do this but wanted to be prepared ahead of the storm.

"If it’ll stay like it is just raining in periods we’ll be good. The ditches will handle everything, but if we get large rain we’re in trouble,” said Lewis.

As for Masters, he’s got a truckload of those sandbags and has already stacked several in front of his door. In his mind, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

"It can be heart-wrenching. It really can because you just don’t know what to expect if you do have to go to work and you’re like, ‘what’s it going to do while I’m at work’,” said Masters.

If you live in Crittenden County you can head over to the County Road Department for free sandbags. They’ll be there through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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