Flood preps continue as flash flooding possibility lingers

Flood preps continue in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Much of the Mid-South remains in a Flash Flood Watch as of Tuesday morning, meaning the threat of flash flooding still remains as rain continues to fall in the area.

The City of Memphis has dozens of crews out to prevent just that. The city's public works director said crews are working overtime and weekends to do what they can do to prevent any flash flooding.

That work includes keeping Memphis' 340 square miles of drains cleared. Eleven crews were out Monday on drain maintenance.

In times like these, Public Works Director Robert Knecht said crews are continuously working to fix overflows, street flooding and downed trees.

"That's the major weather. You do your best to plan for it. It's totally unpredictable, but you do your best to plan for it," Knecht said.

If you have issues from the rain, including street flooding or downed trees, call 311.

Flood preps continue as flash flooding possibility lingers

Meanwhile across the river in Crittenden County, residents are stockpiling sandbags.

Officials said they don't usually provide sandbags, but they aren't sure what this weather will bring. They say the drains will be able to handle the rain that has come so far, but if there is a torrential downpour in a short amount of time, flooding may happen.

"It can be heart-wrenching. It really can because you just don't know what to expect if you do have to go to work and you're like, 'what's it going to do while I'm at work,'" Proctor resident Richie Masters said.

There has been more than 500 sandbags filled and handed out. Residents can put them up at the County Road Department from 6-4 every day until Thursday.

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