Possible tornado causes damage in Victoria, Mississippi

Homes damaged in possible tornado in Victoria, Mississippi

VICTORIA, Miss. (WMC) - Homes and trees were damaged Tuesday afternoon by a possible tornado near Victoria, Mississippi.

The National Weather Service has yet to confirm a tornado, but the storm had radar-indicated rotation between 12:10 and 12:20 p.m. with possibly 60 to 70 mph winds.

Chris Luther is in Victoria, Mississippi where there is damage from a possible tornado.

Posted by WMC Action News 5 on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

WMC’s Chris Luther arrived shortly after the storm and found windows blown out of homes, downed trees and damaged cars. A family says they took shelter in the bathroom until the storm passed. One woman said it sounded like a freight train.

“We were about to walk out the door and the winds started blowing real hard,” said Jennifer Foy. “I heard a loud boom and noticed my grill was moving across the porch.”

The family’s trampoline was carried away from their yard and planted into a group of trees.

No injuries were reported.

The storm ripped part of the roof off First Southern Baptist Church on Friendship Road. In the church’s back yard, a tree was ripped from the ground by its roots.

Large tree debris was scattered about the area before neighbors began cleaning up.

Power was out briefly after the storm but was quickly restored.

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