Gov. Bill Lee tours flood-affected areas in west Tennessee

Gov. Bill Lee tours West Tennessee Flood damage

DYERSBURG, Tenn. (WMC) - Governor Bill Lee visited Lauderdale County Wednesday afternoon to see the effects of recent flooding.

Ongoing flooding conditions plague communities across the state, particularly in western Tennessee where remnants of Hurricane Barry dropped additional rain in recent days.

Lee toured the affected areas and met with people impacted by the flooding, which has caused mayor problems for farmers. The governor says this is something farmers haven’t seen in decades, not just because of the rain but also how long it lasted and the impact it’s had on crops.

“It’s disheartening for one thing," said Alan Meadows, a farmer in West Tennessee. "My job is to grow a crop and it’s made it extremely hard to do that here. We just haven’t been able to get anything up.”

Lee said the state will try to do whatever it can to help, but he warned it’s not as easy as assessing damage and asking for money. He says it’s going to take a lot of negotiations.

“Agriculture is 13 percent of the economy of Tennessee,” said Lee. “It’s the largest economic driver in this state. This part of the state is primarily made up of agricultural economics, the northwest part of Tennessee so it’s a major component of the economy that impacts the entire state.”

There were also representatives from the Department of Agriculture, USCA and Emergency Management meeting with farmers and offering advice and resources.

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