Local agencies taking precautions against excessive heat warning

Heat impact on transportation equipment

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The sun and sweltering temperatures in the Mid-South have people desperate to find relief.

Little ones took a dip in the splash pad at Mud Island River Park, but say even that couldn’t help them beat the heat.

Tammy Reynolds and her family made a stop in the Bluff City after traveling the country for summer vacation. With water bottles in tow, they say the rest of their tours will be inside.

"We're coming from a cross country trip and this is definitely warmer than we have been in the west coast,” said Reynolds.

The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for the Mid-South until Friday night, and local agencies are also taking precautions.

A MATA Spokesperson says the company runs each bus through the car wash rack, if temperatures are 95 degrees or higher, to help bring bus exterior temps down by at least five degrees

At the Memphis International Airport, airlines are requesting passengers open air vents, lower window shades and turn off cabin lights not in use.

"Stay indoors, avoid the heat if possible. Stay hydrated, stay cool,” said Doctor Dale Criener, St. Francis Bartlett Emergency Department.

Dr. Dale Criener with the Emergency Department at St. Francis Bartlett says he's seen several patients in the emergency room for heat-related illnesses from sunburn to heat stroke.

"We have recently had a patient unfortunately with a body temperature over 107, and so this is serious and it is deadly,” said Criener.

He says heat exhaustion can set in quickly.

Look for signs of dizziness, fatigue and heavy breathing. Also, check on young children and the elderly.

If you feel those symptoms, you should call 911 immediately.

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