Teen returns woman’s missing purse with $1,300 in it

Teen rewarded for returning wallet

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Huang Family works hard for their money, and they know others do too. So, when a woman left her purse with $1,300 in it at the Huang’s restaurant in Hickory Hill, they were determined to get it back to her.

In the 16 years Tycoon Asian Cuisine and Noodle Shop has been on Kirby Parkway, customers have left a lot of things behind. But, they never had anyone leave $1,300 until Friday night.

Collierville High School student Amy Huang was working at her family's restaurant that night when she found the purse and wallet with the money inside.

“It was a lot of money,” Amy said. “I was surprised. Usually no one leaves that much money in their wallet.”

The Huangs found the customer's I.D. but no contact information. They were worried about how they were going to get it back to its owner.

The wallet’s owner eventually came back to the restaurant, but they had closed up for the night. However, Amy and her dad, Paul, stuck around thinking maybe the owner of that wallet may be showing up.

“It was late,” Paul said. “We saw a lady knocking on the door, crying.”

The woman’s tears soon turned to happy tears when Amy brought the purse to her. She told the Huangs she was going to send some of the money to her mother in Kansas.

“She was so happy,” Amy said. “She started hugging me.”

The story of Amy’s selfless decision is getting around. Her family has been telling friends in China. The grateful woman turned to Facebook to spread the story. In it she said, “there are still good people in the world. That was nothing but God. Thank you so much to my Tycoon Family.”

She also showered Amy with gifts-- Memphis Tigers gear, candy and $100.

Amy’s family wouldn't expect her to act any differently than she did Friday.

“I feel very happy,” Paul said. “I trust Amy.”

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