WMC gets action on park maintenance issues

Beale Street Landing Splash Pad fixed

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Memphis River Parks Partnership, the group pushing the controversial $70 million plan to renovate Tom Lee Park, is responsible for taking care of all the Bluff City parks along the Mississippi River in Downtown Memphis.

Citizens brought park maintenance complaints to WMC Action News 5, and we, in turn, took those complaints to MRPP. Here’s an update on what has, and has not been fixed.

First up: the splash pad at Beale Street Landing. It’s showing wear and tear, with several torn patches on the soft surfacing. And the water feature hasn’t worked in weeks. The control panel was underwater while the Mississippi River was above flood stage. The water receded days ago and less than 24 hours after WMC asked MRPP why the pad wasn’t repaired yet, water was spraying out of the colorful blue and green pipes again. The bald spots are still there in the surfacing, but screaming children running through the refreshing spray didn’t seem to mind on Friday, July 19.

Now to Greenbelt Park in Harbor Town where several homeowners complained about tall weeds, overgrown grass and untrimmed trees blocking critical visibility along the walking trail. Thursday’s MRPP lawn service, which happened after a homeowner complained to city hall, left a lot to be desired. The crews only mowed part of the grass, leaving long streaks of high grass and rows of weeds behind. The grass cuttings weren’t blow away either. WMC showed MRPP pictures of the incomplete job on Thursday, July 18.

When we went back the next day to see if any action had been taken, most of the grass had been cut to the same level. There were still a few wonky spots, including a median in one of the parking lots where only half the grass was trimmed. And there are still tree branches that hang so low, they rest on the tops of the cars parked beneath them. Most of the clippings, we’re happy to report, had been blown off the sidewalks and trail.

MRPP maintains five parks along six miles of the Memphis riverfront. If you see any maintenance issues, report them to info@memphisriverparks.org.

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