Woman says dog died in her home because landlord did not fix A/C

Family says broken A/C caused dog's death

ARLINGTON, Tenn. (WMC) - The heat may have proved deadly for a woman’s dog in Arlington.

“She got there, he was panting, basically on the last legs of his life,” said Holly Myers, victim’s daughter. “She rushed him to the vet. As she was handing him over to the vet, he died.”

Myers is talking about her mother’s French Bulldog named Bolt.

Her mother left home Thursday at 8 a.m. and came home around noon. She noticed her home was blowing hot air.

“When she got home the house was ridiculously hot, almost 100 degrees inside,” said Myers.

Myers handles her mother’s affairs and said her home’s air conditioning is an ongoing problem.

Last week her mother noticed her air conditioning was going from cold to hot air without warning. Myers says she called her landlord to fix it.

“This happened last year and we had to get them out and it was a fight because we had to put a window unit in her room just so she would have some cool air in the house,” said Myers.

Myers called Prager Property Management to come fix it but Myers says that never happened.

We went by the Prager Property Management office in Memphis to ask why more wasn’t done to fix the malfunctioning air conditioning unit. No one would talk on camera, but we were told the issue was fixed and they had no further comment.

We asked Myers if the issue has been fixed she said, “no."

“I have dealt with Prager so many times. I called them here and I called them in their main office in Atlanta,” said Myers.

Prager Management has eight offices across the country.

They also have an "F" rating on the Better Business Bureau website and we found many HVAC complaints.

It’s unclear if the hot house is what ultimately killed Bolt, but one expert we spoke to said it doesn’t take long for a pet to become fatally hot.

“You gotta remember their core body temperature is a lot higher than ours,” said Dr. Angie Zinkus, Germantown Parkway Medical Hospital co-medical director. “So they can get hot very quickly.”

Dr. Angie Zinkus says this breed of dog is particularly susceptible to the heat.

When I went inside the home Friday afternoon, the air conditioning was back working.

However, Myers says she paid someone Friday to make a temporary fix on the unit so her mother could stay in the house.

She says Prager Management came by the home Friday and noticed the air was working and didn’t do any repairs.

Myers says a permanent fix is needed to make sure the air conditioning won’t start blowing hot air again.

Myers says those repairs will cost 4 to 5 thousand dollar and the landlord should have to pay for it.

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