Local locksmith offers to open hot cars for free

Local locksmith offers to unlock hot cars for free

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - One local locksmith is offering to help if you ever see a child or pet locked in a hot car.

Windows up or windows down, experts say it doesn't take long for the inside of a car to get dangerous in this heat.

It's sweltering outside with the heat index reaching triple digits in the Mid-South, making cars a dangerous place to be locked inside.

“It can get dangerous within two to three minutes depending on where the car’s been sitting and how long it’s been there,” said Tony Scott, The Lockman co-owner.

According to NBC News, 21 children have died in the United States after being left in hot cars since March.

Scott is hoping to keep that tragedy far happening in Memphis.

His company, The Lockman, is offering to open hot cars where kids or pets are trapped.

“We stop what we're doing and we go directly to them. And we do the best we can as fast as we can,” said Scott.

Saturday, Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago demonstrated how quickly a locked car can get dangerously hot. Within 10 minutes, the temperature rose 20 degrees.

“So number one, always look before you lock,” said Jessica Choi, Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Local veterinarian Nicholas Baer says besides small children, dogs are also especially susceptible to health emergencies in hot vehicles.

“They don’t expel heat like we do. They don’t sweat. They pant to dissipate heat, and that can get counterproductive and they can get too hot and overheated pretty easily,” said Bauer.

‘Look before you lock’ is the common slogan, but if a parent forgets Scott says he and his employees will rush to help. They are able to open hot car doors in seconds and the service is free.

“I don't want a tip, my guys don't want tips. We just want the child to be safe and that's the best thing for us is to make sure that happens,” said Scott.

Scott says just a month and a half ago he was called to save a child in Memphis and helped a woman quickly get her locked car open. He says he's not the only local locksmith pledging to open hot cars.

If you need help, Scott says make sure to call 911 or the fire department first then call him at 901-246-2246.

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