Attorneys claim Lorenzen Wright abused ex-wife before he was murdered

Attorneys claim Lorenzen Wright abused ex-wife before he was murdered
Lorenzen Wright

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Sherra Wright faces up to 30 years in prison for facilitating the murder of her ex-husband, former NBA star Lorenzen Wright. She pleaded guilty to the charge Thursday in a surprise court appearance.

After the hearing, Wright’s attorneys discussed the couple’s marriage. Attorney Juli Ganguli said there was detailed abuse of Lorenzen Wright on both Sherra Wright and their children.

“Mr. Wright had beaten her for years and the beatings were consistent and it lead to her face being disfigured,” said Ganguli. “Mr. Wright would not leave her alone, and she recruited Billy Turner to kill Mr. Wright."

Sherra Wright's attorneys claim Lorenzen was abusive before his murder

It was a bombshell released by one of Sherra Wright’s attorneys after her plea. Ganguli said they have witnesses to the beatings and they would have gone into detail in a trial.

“In the end, the defense we would have settled on is she did it, but she had been getting beaten repeatedly, consistently for years,” said Ganguli, who claims Lorenzen Wright also beat his children.

Sherra Wright's attorneys discuss guilty plea

As Ganguli discussed the abuse allegations someone pointed out that Sherra and Lorenzen Wright were divorced and did not live together at the time of his murder.

“He was living in another city except if you share six children you would see your former spouse frequently,” said Ganguli.

Wright’s attorneys said she felt she was in a bad position and couldn’t get away. Ganguli said Sherra Wright didn’t report the abuse.

Lorenzen Wright’s mother says she didn’t learn about the beating allegations until after she left court Thursday. She says she doesn’t believe it, calling it just another lie.

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