Breakdown: How to get a great view of a meteor shower

Delta Aquarids: Why You Need To Look Up

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - If you are a star gazer, now is the time to look to the sky. The Delta Aquarid meteor shower peaks in late July, but Americans can watch for shooting stars between now and late August, just as long skies are clear and dark.

The best viewing locations to see the Delta Aquarid is under dark skies, far away from any city lights, mainly after midnight on a clear night. That being said, if you want to look to space know your own back yard, well after dark, could do in a pinch. A place with a clear view of the sky is the ideal spot.

The moon will play an important role in what you see in the sky. By August 1, a waxing moon will make the meteors harder to see as the moon gets bigger and brighter.

Experts say that this year, the Delta Aquarids are expected to produce up to 20 meteors per hour in ideal conditions. Now if you miss the peak timing for this event, which is between now and August 1, don’t sweat it, the shower is active for several more weeks.

This meteor shower is also closely followed by the Perseid shower that usually takes place in August.

Unfortunately the expected bright moon will more than likely put a damper on viewing for the Perseid shower. That is why you might want to press your luck with the Delta Aquarids, if you want a glance of a shooting star.

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