Church honors law enforcement on ‘Blue Sunday’

Church holds "Blue Sunday" after rash of burglaries

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Mid-South church is backing the blue by using Sunday service to salute the law enforcement community.

While it's something they do every year, they're especially thankful this year.

Court records show Greater Imani Church was burglarized three days in a row last week.

Church members couldn't determine what was stolen the first night, but told police the burglar made off with a bag of clothes and school supplies the second night and a desktop computer, laptop, and radio on the third night, the police affidavit says.

After looking at church surveillance video, police arrested 33-year-old Terry Bryant, who church members identified as a homeless man who hangs around the area.

Greater Imani executive pastor Rhonda Hurst says it's another example of why police are so important.

"We've been burglarized but it's not fair for us to say that everyone burglarizes church," said Hurst. "Whoever that person was we worked with (police) to find that person."

To give thanks for that, and the work they do throughout the year, church members gathered to salute those who keep the community safe.

It's a day known as Blue Sunday.

"We wanted to set a Sunday aside to show our support of those good officers that are out there doing it every day protecting and serving this community," said Hurst.

Memphis Police, Shelby County Sheriff's deputies and the Tennessee Highway Patrol were among those honored on Blue Sunday.

Police Director Mike Rallings says events like this are important.

"To be supported, to have a church like Greater Imani to stand with us, to remind us of the importance of why we should do our job, I think it's important," said Rallings.

Bryant is also accused of damaging a computer at the police station.

He will appear in court on Monday.

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