Walmart employee’s mother says daughter helped escort other workers, customers from the store during shooting

Mother of injured Southaven Walmart employee speaks out

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Southaven police say there were 60 employees inside Walmart when a disgruntled employee shot and killed two managers.

Many of those employees helped each other and customers get out of the store. The mother of one employee, Akerie Harvey, says her daughter was hurt trying to escape the gunfire.

Harvey is another department manager. Our cameras captured the moments she left the store on a stretcher.

Witnesses describe moments after the Walmart shooting

“She heard the gunshots and saw the guy come in and she knew who he was,” said Sherreia Harvey. “She told the customers to follow her, and that’s when she took them out the back way, and she took the fire hydrant and bust the door open to try to get the customers out.”

Sherriea Harvey spent the day at Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto where her daughter was treated for a sprained knee after tripping over items in the store. Akerie Harvey is shaken up but she’s OK.

“Right now we’re just taking it one moment at a time,” said Sherriea Harvey.

Sherriea Harvey says her daughter knows the suspect. She says this shooting is an eye opener and wants more security measures for employees.

Southaven Walmart gunman suspect identified

“It’s hard for all families involved,” said Sherreia Harvey. “But you know, we really need to step up on security because just like Walmart, so many thousands of people go in Walmart, all the general stores, they need to beef up security as far as anybody can walk in anywhere, banks or whatever.”

Her daughter was released from the hospital with medication and crutches.

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