Breakdown: What are the different types of hurricanes and why does their origin matter?

Tropical vs Subtropical Systems: Why Origin Makes A Difference

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - During hurricane season you probably hear a lot of talk about subtropical and extratropical systems, what does it all mean? Well it’s all about where the strength and origin of a system derives. These characteristics determine a system’s tropical characteristics.

When it comes to tropical systems, most people are familiar with those. They feed off of warm water. The thunderstorms with a tropical system rotate around the center, and these are all true of tropical systems, but let’s add to it. They also have a warm core since they feed off of warm water.

With a subtropical system its core is warm and cold, driven by upper-level systems, and the thunderstorms contained within subtropical systems are displaced from the center.

Extratropical systems are just cold. They have a cold core, driven by upper-level systems and are usually associated with a front. Extratropical systems are not as organized as subtropical systems and the thunderstorms that are associated with these systems are displaced from the center.

Check out the chart below:

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