Man Drops Work ID at Crime Scene

Man Drops ID Badge at Crime Scene

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -" He shoot him. I told him please don’t shoot, don’t shoot, don’t shoot and he start shooting."

Nagib Sharhan owns the Save-a-Stop on Kimball near Lamar. He was there when a fight started outside, police say, between Antonio Whitmore, Junior, and one of the victims, Jason Phoummavong. Sharhan says Phoummavong ran into the store as bullets were flying."so he dodged the bullets and he jumped behind the counter shaking he hid under here."

Salah Sharhan says that is when the suspect shot the hiding Phoummavong who later died at the hospital. “He just came in and started shooting.” Nagib Sharhan was also hit by a bullet in the arm which is still swollen. Sharhan said it appeared the two men knew each other. It is not clear what the fight was about. But police were able to identify the shooter as Antonio Whitmore because a witness saw something fall off his clothing.

It turned out to be his FedEx ID badge with his name and photo on it. That witness picked Whitmore out of a lineup. Whitmore turned himself in on Sunday. In a statement FedEx wrote “First and foremost, we extend deepest sympathies to those affected by this terrible incident. The suspect’s employment with FedEx will be terminated and we are fully cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation.” Salah Sharhan knows what he wants to happen to the suspect. “You don’t want him out.” Antonio Whitmore is charged with aggravated assault and First Degree Murder.

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