Firefighters return to apartment to save woman’s wedding dress from massive fire

Her fiancé sent them after it

Firefighters save woman's wedding dress in massive fire Thursday morning

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT/Gray News) – When firefighters beat on Caitlyn Worden’s apartment door in the middle of the night, her only thought was for her and her fiancé Jordan Hollingsworth to escape with their lives.

But her husband-to-be was thinking ahead. He had her wedding dress on his mind as the flames began to gut the building.

And with the couple’s wedding less than three months away, saving Worden’s dress was a priority for him.

“I went back and talked to a fireman, and they were like ‘All right, we’ll go get that for you,’” Hollingsworth told WOWT. “So, they went back in and took care of that for us.”

Once everyone was safe, firefighters returned to the couple’s apartment to look for the dress.

“It’s a big day for them,” said Assistant Fire Chief Joe Salcedo. “So, if we can help them out, it’s no different than going in to save the animals.”

In the end, Worden’s dress was one of the few things the couple saved from the fire that displaced 12 families.

“This is very precious,” Worden said, looking over her white gown. “I’m just thankful.”

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