SCS hosts ‘Back to School Block Party’

Back to school events held for SCS students

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - For many, going back to school can be overwhelming. That’s why a couple of organizations are making sure everyone starts the year on the right foot.

"We want to make sure everyone starts on the first day, which is Monday, and they are registered, enrolled and ready to go,” said Shawn Page, SCS Chief of Academic Operations and Student Support.

On Saturday, Shelby County Schools held their back to school block party for families.

"It is a one-stop shop for parents. Parents can register their child, they can get immunizations. We also have where they can sign up for different resources or events in our community,” said Page.

The event also allowed parents to have a little fun with the kids.

From food to bounce houses, it was a fun event to help jump into the new year.

Across town, at Fire Station 29 off Elvis Presley Boulevard, others were preparing for the new school year in a different way.

"All this mass killing going on and our children are so delicate, and they are getting ready to go back so we wanted to cover them,” said Eleanor Logan McChriston, Neighborhood Prayer Rally organizer.

The group called the “Effie Road Elliston Road Neighborhood Prayer Group” came together for a prayer rally.

"We wanted to say a prayer to cover them, not only the children but the superintendent, the teachers and the maintenance workers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, everybody... and the parents of course,” said McChriston.

Despite which way the groups are preparing for the kids’ first day, they all have the same goal of a safe and smooth school year.

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