SCS welcomes students back with pep rallies, helps parents with late enrollment

SCS students at Delano Elementary return to school

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - More than 100,000 students went back to class Monday with Shelby County Schools. Before class started students had some fun with staff.

"We have the welcoming committee,” said Delano Optional Elementary School Principal Shadonica Scruggs. “We have the pep rally going on. We’re going to be doing the cheers and the chants. We’re so excited. We want them hyped up.”

Schools across Shelby County got students excited for the first day back Monday. At Delano it was with a pep rally of sorts that took students from the front doors to the cafeteria before heading to class.

"It does set the tone,” Scruggs said. “If the boys and girls are excited, and the teachers are excited then teaching and learning is more acceptable and fun and invigorating for them.”

Once kids were actually inside Delano they saw different books on every classroom door representing the district’s big literacy push this year. Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray wants to push all kids to be reading at or above grade level by the third grade.

“Our goal for third grade commitment is 100 percent,” Scruggs said. “This is important we have to get it right.”

Music teacher Dr. David McNair will even implement the new literacy push in his classroom.

“Fluency is a big part of school,” McNair said. “Part of fluency is reading without long pauses. So, in music when you're doing something with a steady beat it's easy to find that fluency.”

SCS expects some students to be late getting enrolled in school. People will be at the Board of Education all week to help parents register their kids and get them in class ASAP.

“This week we’re working on systems and routines,” Scruggs said. “We want to make sure boys and girls know our protocols.”

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