Whitehaven residents say their Kroger is in bad shape; grocery chain vows to update

Whitehaven residents say community Kroger is in bad shape

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Some mid-southerners say not all Kroger stores are created equal.

A group of Whitehaven residents are calling out the grocery chain to do some upgrades at their neighborhood store.

“We had a problem with the parking lot. You step out of your car and you might step out on a baby diaper," said Shirley Holliday who has shopped at Kroger in Whitehaven all her life.

She says the Kroger on East Shelby Drive has had some problems in recent years including trash in the parking lot, broken shopping cart and long lines.

“Being a senior citizen, I don’t want to drive no other place or to Southaven, I want to shop in my community and I want to be proud of my store,” said Holliday.

Tuesday night the community group “My Zip” gathered to address concerns.

“Why is there not parity among all Kroger stores,” said Dr. Yvonne Nelson a representative for the “My Zip” organization. “They’re from the same store chain. They’re all managed by the same company.”

The community group’s most concerning complaint are baskets of food being left at the front of the store for hours, some including perishable items such as raw chicken.

This group is concerned the food is making its way back to store shelves.

Teresa Dickerson with the Kroger Delta division says she can guarantee that does not happen.

“That is not our policy. That is not our protocol," said Dickerson. “Every store manager in this city, in this county, knows that if any meat, dairy, seafood is sitting out we do not put that on our shelves.”

Dickerson says in relation to other concerns, the company will immediately invest up to $750,000 towards the Whitehaven store.

“It is going towards just making sure that our store is refreshed. Our merchandise is inviting for our shopping experience,” said Dickerson. “I think better management is in line. I think that’s what’s missing. I think it’s very solvable,” said Dr. Nelson. “And as a community advocate myself we’re willing to work with Kroger.

Dr. Nelson also mentioned the group working with a variety of community groups to help keep the store clean.

The Shelby County Health Department Environmental Health Food safety manager Yolonda Woods was also at Tuesday’s meeting.

She said each Kroger store is inspected at least 3 times a year for food safety and cleanliness inside and outside the store.

She says shoppers can file complaints at (901) 222-9203.

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