The Woman’s Exchange helps others help themselves

Woman's Exchange helps others help themselves

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - For more than 100 years, a non-profit in Memphis has helped people sell their handmade products.

But the Woman’s Exchange is more than that, the organization is dedicated to “helping others help themselves.”

The building along Racine Street might be hard to miss, but inside it's filled with an abundance of unique and unforgettable items-- from clothing to cuisine.

"We have a beautiful gem here with the restaurant, shop and now, the gallery. But we don't want to be a secret anymore,” said Alexandra Gardner, Woman’s Exchange art chair.

The Woman's Exchange has been in Memphis since 1885. It’s one of the oldest charitable organizations in the area.

The gift shop is filled with hand-made heirloom baby items, stuffed animals and toys. The "lunch-only" restaurant has homemade dishes that leaves a line wrapped around the building.

Both the shop and restaurant are run by volunteers and now the same is happening in the new art gallery.

"In 2017 this was completely renovated as you can see it's a beautiful facility,” said Gardner.

The gallery consists of 404 pieces of original artwork from more than 90 artists across the Mid-South.

Many of them are overcoming personal struggles through their work.

"We volunteers work to sell their work and they get their income, and the Woman’s Exchange gets a small percentage back that keeps continuing the alternative process,” said Gardner.

It's all about exchanging one circumstance for another and helping others help themselves.

"I think I cannot imagine the Memphis area without the Woman's Exchange,” said Gardner.

Each month, the Exchange hosts “Third Thursdays” where local artists come to talk about their work with live music, wine and fellowship.

The events usually run from 4-7 p.m.

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