Grizzlies host garage sale at FedExForum

Fans score unusual swag at Grizzlies garage sale

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Friday was Black Friday for Memphis Grizzlies fans.

The team hosted a giant garage sale at FedExForum. The lobby of the Forum was filled with table loads of Grizztastic memorabilia.

"I almost started crying when I saw this," said Grizzlies fan Ebony Walls.

For her, the Grizz everything-must-go sale was an emotional walk down memory lane.

“I figured this was a great time to get some merchandise,” she said, "especially since we have a whole new team. We have a lot of freshmen and I just wanted to see what I could come grab. And I actually found something that shocked the heck out of me, to be honest with you.

Ebony found a giant, wall-sized photograph of herself with Rudy Gay, taken the day the Grizz star took a group of children Christmas shopping at Target. Ebony was one of those children.

"It was overwhelming joy," she said with a smile, "to be able to meet one of your favorite basketball players and actually hug them. It was like a dream come true for me! And he bought me things that my mother could never afford."

The Grizzlies were selling jerseys, posters, shoes, even old furniture and electronics from previous seasons. There was so much for sale that Grind City Media's Chris Vernon, who already has a lot of Grizz swag, decided to check it out.

"I'm trying to figure out what to do with this ZBo thing," he said holding up one end of a massive Zach Randolph banner. "I don't know if I could hang it on the side of my house."

Grizzlies fan Preston Roberts bought a haul so huge, it took multiple trips to load it into his SUV. Among the items: a life-size cutout of The Grizz, several Grizzlies lightsabers, Grizz crowns from a wrestling-themed game and his favorite purchase: a large framed picture with one half of the Memphis Grizzlies Core Four featured on it.

"It's two of my favorite players in Grizzlies history right here," said Roberts as he held up a plaque featuring Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. "It's probably the greatest plaque I've ever seen."

So many prized possessions went home with a lot of grateful Grizz fans.

"Like, this is honestly...I'm sorry..." said Ebony Wells as she choked up looking at her photo with Rudy Gay. "This is a huge treasure for me. I will never let this out of my sight!"

All of the proceeds from the Grizzlies Garage Sale benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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