3-year-old girl found alone on boat in Texas; father’s body recovered nearby

3-year-old girl found alone on boat in Texas; father’s body recovered nearby
A 3-year-old girl was found alone and adrift in a boat in Texas. Her father's body was recovered nearby hours later.

HOOD COUNTY, Texas (KTVT/CNN/Gray News) – A 3-year-old girl was found alone on a boat the day after she and her father took it out on Lake Granbury.

Hours later, a man’s body was recovered, not far from where the boat was found.

Authorities identified the body as the girl’s missing father on Saturday, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Deputies responded Friday morning after a witness called about seeing the girl in the boat, which was floating untethered near the shore.

Investigators said the girl’s father launched the boat around 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

The witness said the girl, who was wearing a swimsuit and floaties, had popped up from inside the boat asking where her father was.

Police said the girl told them her “daddy went swimming.”

The girl’s family said she was dehydrated and hungry when she was found, but authorities said she’s now in good condition.

Relatives said the girl’s parents shared custody, and that this was her father’s weekend with her.

“I think it was just divine intervention this little girl survived, because, you know, the instinct of a 3-year-old may be to jump in the water with dad, but she didn’t, so we’re glad she’s OK,” said Hood County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Johnny Rose.

An autopsy has been ordered for the body.

Authorities said there’s no evidence of foul play, and it appears to have been an accidental drowning.

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