Volunteers help mow grass around Hickory Ridge Middle School

Volunteers mow unkempt grass

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Tall grass made it difficult for Hickory Ridge Middle School students to get to and from school, so some helpful volunteers spent their Saturday morning lending a hand.

The cars travel fast down Ridgeway Road, so when the students heading to and from Hickory Ridge Middle School couldn't walk on the sidewalk it raised some concern.

"They were walking on the street, which is, of course, a safety concern,” said Christopher Stephens.

Christopher Stephens is a friend of Hickory Ridge Middle School principal Roderic Peterson.

Peterson called Stephens after he received a troubling call from a parent.

"A parent had let him know that he had almost struck some kids in the street and when he came to inspect the area, he noticed that the grass was high where the kids couldn't walk on the sidewalk, so that's when he made the call out,” said Stephens.

With the help of his fraternity brothers, and even teachers from the middle school, Stephens came out to take care of the problem.

They cut down all the tall grass and removed a lot of shrubbery, making the sidewalk a safe place for the kids to walk.

“My fraternity, we are all about community service and helping out, but safety... we want the kids to be safe this school year,” said Stephens.

And come Monday morning, he's hoping safety won't be an issue anymore.

“Hoping to see those kids being able to get to and from school walking on the sidewalk no problem so they are out of harm’s way,” said Stephens.

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