Tests reveal algae at Shelby Farms Park not harmful

Tests reveal algae at Shelby Farms Park not harmful

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Testing at Shelby Farms Park revealed the water there is not harmful, according to Shelby Farms Park Conservancy.

The levels are based on the EPA’s standards for human contact.

Officials said began two weeks ago, before two dogs died after swimming in the water last week.

A veterinarian confirmed the cause of death was heat stroke. There's also been no case of toxin exposure at local veterinary clinics.

Shelby Farms testing lake water after deaths of two dogs

The testing showed blue-green algae in the water. Officials said this is common as part of a natural lake ecosystem. Blue-green algae can be toxic, but is not always.

Officials said they began testing the water after reports of blue-green algae nationwide.

Shelby Farms will keep the ponds closed for “an abundance of caution,” allowing more tests to be done.

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